Security Services

Cert Center of Shahrood University of Technology offers its security services in the form of plans needed to secure and continue the safe operation of workstations. These plans will be proposed in order to improve security measures and reduce the effect of vulnerabilities both in the field of technologies used and in the field of human and non-technological measures.

In order to create a classified format in the presentation of the security mechanisms of the project, the desired security technologies are categorized in the form of the following:

  • A set of logical security plans
  • Reviewing and updating the operating system and IT services
  • Virtualization plan based on centralized management
  • Improving the design and security architecture of the Active Directory server
  • Expansion plan of the anti-malware system
  • Centralized NTP scheme
  • Planning and audit of IT users
  • Improvement of network traffic isolation
  • Event collection plan and its analysis
  • Audit plan of enterprise data leakage (DLP) and client-side agents
  • Security plan for existing operating systems and services
  • Application plan of Microsoft System Center management system
  • Business continuity plan based on ISMS standard

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