Experience working in the field of security

Due to the increase in the number of computer security incidents and the need for academic research centers to support and meet the research needs of society in this field, and with the motivation to improve knowledge and engineering ability in the field of computer system security and information processing and transfer results to society, a CERT center of Shahrood University of Technology started its activity at the end of 2017.


Patronage for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks and for better management against intruders’ techniques in preventing the increase in the amount of waste and detecting and tracking attacks and attackers.


Support for the creation and use of appropriate technology to resist cyber attacks and limit damages and ensure the continuity of critical cyber services.


Improving awareness and understanding of issues related to information security among cyberspace users and service providers.

Welcome to CERT Center of Shahrood University of Technology!

Relief and response activities

Immediate handling of cyberspace incidents based on organizations’ requests

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Preventive activities

Providing warnings, announcements, risks, and system weaknesses at the national level and publishing guide packages to strengthen the systems

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Security quality improvement activities

Providing security workshops and training based on the requirements of today’s technologies

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Basic and applied research

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Creativity and innovation in the field of AFTA

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Analysis and monitoring of security vulnerabilities

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