Security consulting

With the rapid growth of cyber attacks in the space of information exchange, the security of cyber infrastructure in organizations is one of the important issues ahead, which if ignored, results such as unauthorized access to the private information of the organization, employees or their customers, changing information by individuals It will lead to unauthorized and destructive actions. Therefore, it is necessary to include appropriate security measures at different levels in the design and implementation of the network and information systems of each organization.

Cert Center of Shahrood University of Technology is ready to provide various services in order to secure cyber infrastructure to organizations as well as manufacturers and users of information systems.

The security consulting services of Cert Center of Shahrood University of Technology are:

  • Security architecture design of information systems
  • Providing a comprehensive plan for network and information security of the organization
  • Providing advice and technical services to obtain an information security certificate
  • Preparation of RFP and supervision of security services provided by various contractors
  • Providing comprehensive solutions and a combination of different security products in the organization
  • Implementation of security projects required by the organization
  • Implementation of study and research projects in the field of information security


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