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Cert stands for awareness, support and patronage. In order to improve the security of users and organizations in the cyber space, the Information Technology Organization has established Cert centers in the country. Cert Center of Shahrood University of Technology is one of the leading centers in providing security services in the field of information and communication technology in the east of the country. According to its mission in the field of cyber security, Cert of Shahrood University of Technology offers its services in the form of identifying computer threats, discovering and reporting vulnerabilities, handling and assisting organizations in the event of incidents caused by attacks. and security events, provides security assessment and penetration testing on computer networks and applications, research and development, and public and specialized education and awareness in the field of security. Cert of Shahrood University of Technology was launched in 2018 and is ready to provide security services in line with its mission by relying on technical experts and faculty members interested in the field of security.

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